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Miskatonic Chorus Recital: "Songs of the Old Ones" 3PM @ Town Hall

Lecture: "The Meaning of Adorable Puppy Imagery in The Necronomicon" by Yohan Clark @ M.U. Phelps Building, 8PM

Arkham Elementary Production of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" @ Arkham Elementary

Midnight fishing @ Babson Wharf - B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bait!)

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A Postcard from Miskatonic University.WELCOME to the online presense of Arkham, Massachusetts! Founded in 1666, the city of Arkham contains an immense wealth of history, culture, and commerce. It is home to the reknowned Miskatonic University (so-named for the Native American tribe that once lived in the region), which attracts scholars from all corners of the globe to study within its stately brick buildings. Babson Wharf, once a thriving port during the peak of the East Indies trade, is now home to one of America's most interesting historical centers.

Arkham has a long tradition of celebrating the arts, with several nationally recongized museums and concert spaces. And for the most unique shopping experience in New England, look no further than Federal Street, where a number of boutiques offer custom-made gifts that can't be found anywhere else in the country. We hope that you enjoy learning more about Arkham from this website and consider visiting us sometime soon!

And for those that currently reside in Arkham, this site is meant for you too! Keep abreast of all the latest news (courtesy of the Arkham Advertiser), monthly events, and town notices at your one-stop site for everything Arkham! Cloverfield

Strange Disappearance At Miskatonic Library
by Jersey Wilson | Published

Miskatonic LibraryArkham, MA - Professor Martin Henderson disappeared from the Miskatonic Library two days ago under bizarre conditions that have yet to be explained. He has not been seen since, and is a considered missing person by the Arkham Police.

According to long-time librarian Henry Armitage, Henderson entered the library at precisely 1:15PM and requested a particular volume from the infamous occult section of the library's collection, which is on reserve and cannot be removed from the premises...Full Story

Questionable Birth At Arkham Hospital
by Michael Donovan | Published

Arkham, MA - A child stillborn to an anonymous family is currently being examined by doctors for its rather odd anatomical properties. The birth itself was riddled with complications, as early sonograms suggested the child had certain mutations in the form of mutated appendages. This increased the overall girth of the baby, and doctors prepared for a difficult delivery, even by C-section.

Arkham HospitalNothing prepared them for what resulted, however. The mother went into labor seven days ago and suffered through what Doctor Robert Davies describes as the "worst labor pains I have ever seen. I'm still amazed at how much she put up with, even with immense amounts of painkillers."...Full Story

Happy Birthday, John! Misky's Father Turns 300!
by Max Felton | Published
Arkham, MA - This April marks the 300th birthday of explorer, mercantilist, philanthropist, and principle founding father of Miskatonic University John Dunham, and Arkham is rolling out the red carpet to celebrate! Born on April 13th, 1705 to Elijah and Meredith, Dunham was plagued by mental illness throughout childhood but rose above it to become a top scholar at Harvard University by age 16. He then set off to see the world and make money, and was successful at both.

In 1754, after returning to Arkham to stay, Dunham donated an enormous sum to be used for the creation of Miskatonic College, named for the river that bisects the city. Additional funds were raised, and the cornerstone for the first academic building (now known as Dunham Hall) was laid in 1755. The college opened in 1760 to 24 students. Since then, it has quickly acquired a reputation for excellence in all its fields and grew enormously, later becoming Miskatonic University after the addition of several schools... Full Story
River Street Home Torched By Police, Fire Dept.
by Dennis Cook | Published

Arkham, MA - The house at 7 River Street was burned to the ground in a controlled fire overseen by the Arkham Fire Department early Friday morning. Police officials had ordered the blaze, though strangely, no reason has yet been issued by either group. Police Sergeant Philip Humphrey remained mum on the subject despite persistent questioning from the Advertiser, offering only that "it had to be done." The Fire Department was equally silent.

The 7 River Street residence, a 250 year-old colonial two-story, belonged to Jefferson and Juliana Carmichael, who recently moved to Arkham from Ipswich. Shortly after moving in, police began receiving complaints from their neighbors regarding strange loud noises which would emanate from the premises at all hours of the night. Police had issued regular warning to the Carmichaels, a reclusive couple who were rarely seen outside of their home ... Full Story

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John Dunham

First President,
Miskatonic University

John Dunham (1705 - 1805) was born in Arkham, Mass. to merchant Elijah Dunham and Meredith on April 13th, 1705. Early letters indicate that he was a reclusive child, always playing on his own in the hills west of Arkham.

According to medical records that have miraculously survived, we know that strange fits overtook Dunham at age 9, and that he had to be institutionalized for the next three years under constant supervision. Doctors now believe he suffered from some fleeting form of schizophrenia, though a precise diagnosis has yet to be made. Journals kept by the young Dunham speak of disturbing and monstrous imagery, and read almost like a record of the religious beliefs of some primitive culture.